When looking for a Chiropractor in Mora and East Central Minnesota, patient reviews are important. Read our patient reviews of the Mora Chiropractic Clinic to see the results you can get. You'll learn that your pain relief and wellness is our top priority.

Reviews of the Mora Chiropractic Clinic may give new patients or individuals thinking about seeing a Chiropractor in Mora useful insights into what they could expect when they are treated here. The patient reviews below will be periodically updated to continue to give you even more reviews and testimonials to help you make your choice when deciding to visit a Chiropractor in Mora and East Central Minnesota. Interestingly, if you listen to the patients in the waiting room at the Mora Chiropractic Clinic, you might hear someone say they are here because there were in a car accident and seeing the Chiropractor helps them with their headaches. Another person may be saying that it fixed her chronic low-back pain and leg pain. Yet another person will be heard saying it always seems to help her neck and arm pain. The fact of the matter is that a Doctor of Chiropractic helps every individual to function at a higher level. When you are looking for a Chiropractor in Mora, the Mora Chiropractic Clinic is the trusted source for experienced Chiropractors.


"There's nothing better than a routine monthly tune up with Dr. Klapmeier to keep my golf game going strong. Thank you!"

Jake P.


“The Mora Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Klapmeier have been taking care of me since 2007. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my Chiropractic needs.”

Dan B.


“Dr. Klapmeier is truly magic!”

Vi M.


"Oh My God! Seriously. I wish I had known about this place so much sooner. I'm not dreading shoveling the snow now because my back isn't hurting anymore."

Karen J.


“I suppose when you're driving all day, your back is going to kill you. Now, I get regular adjustments and going over the road isn't a problem for my back. Thanks Doc!”

Robert A.


“Being seen at the Mora Chiropractic Clinic has been the best thing ever for me and my entire family! One of the kindest doctors I've ever seen in my life - for real.”

Tami B.


"I had the worst neck pain after my car accident. I felt I couldn't move at all! If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Mora, you won't find anywhere better!"

Jean H.


“I work at a desk all day and developed bad wrist pain. Mora Chiropractic managed my Workers Compensation claim and gave me the exact care I needed.”

Betty S.


“I began looking for a Chiropractor in Mora, MN after I slipped. Mora Chiropractic worked with my insurance and I finally have relief from my back and neck pain.”

Dale B.


"Dr. David has been instrumental in helping me recover after my accident. They accept most (all?) insurances so the entire process was pretty easy on my end. So happy I found this clinic!"

Rebekah P.


“I was going to miss work because of extreme back pain. Mora Chiropractic got me back on my feet - and they got my insurance to cover it.”

Alicia M.


“I had chronic low back and neck pain that Dr. Klapmeier was able help immediately. Thank you!”

James K.


Even More Patient Reviews:

Neck Pain

“I’ve been living with chronic neck pain for years. The Mora Chiropractic Clinic has genuinely improved my quality of life.”


— John R.

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